Crocheting Away – Cheveron Baby Blanket

I wanted to share a cute crochet project I completed a little while back. Our friends are getting ready to have a baby boy soon. As I was just discovering how to crochet thanks to the help of my Grandma, I decided I wanted to make a blanket for them. I remember my favorite blanket as a baby was a chevron blanket, so I took to Pinterest to find patterns to follow. Click here for a link to my Pinterest craft board.

I found a pattern that seemed simple, bought some baby approved yarn, and got started. The first 10 rows were exciting as I was figuring out the pattern, and how adding or subtracting stitches can effect your work.


I soon realized that this beautiful soft baby yarn was also really small! I was not prepared for how much work goes into making a blanket, but I persisted and here are the finished results.


Here is the link to the pattern that I used, I modified it slightly but the credit all goes to Bellus Threads. Thanks for sharing 🙂

More crochet posts to come!


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